Pressure Point

Cornelius “C. C.” Crews
Guitar, Vocals

C.C. is a very well seasoned guitarist and vocalist originally from Newport News Virginia now residing in Rocky Mount, NC. He has four decades of skill and dedication to his craft, which comes through clearly when you hear him play. Like many musicians, he started out playing the guitar in church with his father, an accomplished musician who was a part of the world renowned gospel group the Brooklyn All-Stars.

C.C. is an accomplished musician in his own right having shared the stage with gospel greats such as F.C. Barnes and Shirley Caesar. He has also been on stage with R&B and Southern Soul acts such as Roy C., and Gwen McCray. He provided guitar licks for New Birth, Mass Production and Secret Weapon, popular R&B groups from the 70’s and 80’s. When not on the road, he does studio work on guitar, vocals and arrangement for various artists.

Sheldon “Skip” Greene
Drums, Percussion, Bass, Vocals

Born and raised in Jackson North Carolina, Skip is a self described late bloomer in that he didn’t begin to play music until he was in his mid 30’s. He began on drums but eventually also learned bass guitar and percussion. He also has a great singing voice that he uses not only to enhance the background vocals but also lead vocals.

His dedication to music lends him the level of talent of someone who has many more years of experience. He always gives 100% and is a true delight to watch on stage. He has been a member of countless bands in various capacities and he adds immeasurable value to Pressure Point as well.

Al Hines
Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone

Hailing from Roanoke Rapids North Carolina, Al is a very saxy man indeed! Although he began his music career at the age of 13 on drums, he transitioned to saxophone in his 40’s and hasn’t looked back since. How fortunate we are for that!  When he picks up that instrument it is literally transformed into an extension of the man himself. It becomes his voice, and what a lovely one it is. Al plays with the kind of passion and soul that cannot be matched by many.

The love that he has for the art shines through in every performance. His energy on stage is second to none. He often goes out into the audience to charm them even further with his amazing talent on the sax. Al turns music into more than just the notes being played. He makes it an experience.

R. Deron Keys
Drums, Keyboard

Deron is a native of Greenville, NC who now lives in Durham. He is extremely talented on the drums as well as the keyboard. At a young age he was interested in music as a whole, but was first introduced to his ‘love’, the drums. Since his father is also a gifted musician, Deron was destined to be great from the beginning. His father began with drums, then bass, and lastly keyboard. Deron followed that same progression and mastered all three early on.

Deron has played for the East Carolina University Gospel Choir, Beverly Crawford, and has done stage plays for the late David Payton, just to name a few. He is not the type of drummer that just keeps the beat. He is an expert in dynamics and can really make you feel the music he is playing.He is equally brilliant on the keyboard giving any melody he plays that special Deron sparkle.

Andrew “Drew” Walton
Trumpet, Trombone, Vocals

From Rocky Mount North Carolina by way of New Orleans Louisiana, Drew Walton is a dynamic and versatile artist.  Influenced by his mother, who is a gospel singer, he knew early on that he was born to be a musician. He picked up the trumpet in grade school and has yet to put it down! He has studied with such greats as Hosea C. Browser, Dr. Timmy Zachery and Dr. Paul Adams, which has helped to hone his skill to a razor sharp edge.

Drew has played in countless bands with genres ranging from Jazz to Gospel. But one thing remains constant, whenever he plays, he gives his absolute all. He brings the audience with him on a high-pitched journey through music that spans generations. And when he jumps off of the stage and into the crowd, it’s party time!

Osbert Williams
Bass Guitar, Vocals

He and his brothers formed the world renowned Gospel group the Williams Brothers of East Orange New Jersey. They played sold out shows every weekend at the local YMCA. In 1975, he and his brothers won a band competition that sent them oversees to play in New Zealand for six months. When they returned the band broke up and he decided to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he learned music theory.

Osbert went on to play with such influential funk bands as the Ohio Players and Slave. He has dipped his toes into Southern Soul with Lee Fields and now, being a resident of Saratoga North Carolina, with Pressure Point. This is the definition of a funky bass man! He is an immense talent that can literally play anything on his instrument. He is also a great singer that lends his voice to background and lead. When he really feels the music, he’s also a pretty good dancer!

Redel Williams
Keyboard, Bass, Drums

Blounts Creek North Carolina native now living in Durham, Redel is a bit of a novelty. Unlike most musicians, he did not have a musical family background. An aunt and a few scattered cousins were his only examples. Thankfully, he didn’t need much inspiration. He just wanted to play, and play he did. At age 19, he gravitated towards the church, which offers musicians ample opportunity to share and sharpen their talents.

Since then he has played with bands of all different genres. His playing is, for lack of a better word, pretty. He comes up with some of the most beautiful combinations of notes and it literally sounds like he’s tickling the ivories. To watch his fingers move across the keyboard is an event in itself. He also plays the bass guitar and drums.

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