Well hello again, I’m writing this with a cold so I don’t know if I will be very thorough because all I really want to do is lie down. BUT I’m feeling guilty because I have not updated in a while so here we go.

The song with J. Red is finished and it is friggin FANTASTIC! I have already sent it to a few DJs and it will be getting airplay soon. I still need to put it on my reverbnation and/or CD baby pages so you can download it. It’s called “If You Need Some” and it is really great. The experience was great and I look forward to doing more things with him in the future.

I performed at the Halifax County Seafood and Shag festival on April 16th and it was GREAT! Everyone seemed to have a good time. I mean, who wouldn’t with unlimited seafood and beer? Me and the band had a blast and met some really great people. I was invited back to do it again in October so I must have done something right! Here a few pics from the festival.

I was in NMB for the Society of Stranders (SOS) Spring Fling for two days. I went down on Tuesday April 19th and came back on the 21st. I had a BALL. I got to see Marsha Morgan again, which was really nice. What a sweet lady! She let me sing a song during her performance at Castanos. I also got to meet the guys with Jim Quick and Coastline at Fat Harolds, who I will be opening for in July by the way. They let me get on stage and do a song with them. And I met the guys from the Entertainers. They also allowed me to do some of my songs during their break. So, I really made the rounds!

My DJ friend Gary King was my tour guide and he really showed me a great time! I couldn’t have met all these great folks without him. I think this trip was very beneficial for my career and it was also soooo much fun!

Anyway, that’s about all I can stand to type today. I’m going to get some rest and nurse this cold. I have a gig Saturday so I must get well!!! Thanks and keep listening!

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