Hello everyone. I have recently added a few new folks to my mailing list. I want to say welcome and thank you for your time in reading my stuff!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, on May 14th I was in Roanoke Rapids doing a birthday party for my biggest fan and friend Mr. Buster Davis! I had a great time. And I want to thank everyone who came out. I just wish I had pictures. It would really be nice to have a photographer/videographer with me all the time. So many great moments go by and I can’t reclaim them. Can’t quite hire one just yet so…yeah.

The next gig is Shake on da Lake June, 11th 2016 with Maurice Wynn and Calvin Richardson at Edwards Beach on Lake Gaston in Henrico, NC!!!


I am sooo looking forward to this one! I know I’m supposed to be working but this will be PLAY!!! Anyone who knows me already knows I love the water. I’m tempted to take my fishing gear but that might be a little too ghetto! My country a$$ gotta act like I’ve been somewhere LOL!

The show is already being advertised very well but I’m going to do my part since I have a few weeks to prepare. I am scheduled to do Video Live on on WHIGTV with Terry Batts Wednesday June 1st @10:30pm. I will talk about the show there. In Rocky Mount NC if you have Suddenlink, you can catch the show on channel 17. If not, you can stream it at http://www.whigtv.com.  11781781_956690394351199_8974804823674164106_n

I’m also scheduled to do an internet radio show called The Big Scoop with Coop with Michael Cooper on June 9th @7pm. http://www.thebigscoopwithcoop.com  I will also talk about it there.11694118_10153268172445845_5763207141491883663_n

I’ve even hung the flyer up for the show in the store down the street from my house! This stuff probably isn’t necessary but you never know. Anyway, I won’t keep you all long today. So, thanks for being a part of my journey and keep listening! AND JOIN MY FAN CLUB!!! No, really, do it.  https://missminimusic.com/join-fanclub/

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