Hey people! I have a new song. It’s not Miss Mini and Pressure Point though. This one is a southern soul song I was working on before there was a Pressure Point! It’s called “Ride” and it features Black Zack. Now, when I came up with the idea for the song, I knew it needed a verse of rap in it. I had no idea who would or could rap on a southern soul record so, I had to consult the experts. My good friend and DJ Dr. Nick, Southern Soul Rumpin’ 2pm to 4pm Saturdays on 89.3 FM Washington DC, ( shameless plug) recommended someone he hadn’t heard from in a while, an actual southern soul rapper named Black Zack. You could have convinced me that the Chupacabras exists before I would have believed in a southern soul rapper BUT there he was. So, I searched for him on Facebook and YouTube and I really liked what I heard.

I contacted him and he was willing to help me out. Now, when I tell you that verse is fire, I mean it’s 4 alarm inferno!

Fire pic

His verse is actually my favorite part of the song. I sent it out to the Southern Soul Djs that I know, which actually aren’t too many. If you happen to know some, share it with them! But first, I guess I need to share it with you!  Here ya go! Miss Mini feat. Black Zack “Ride”

It’s only on SoundCloud right now. I haven’t put it anywhere else online yet. I only put it there because I had to have a link to share with you guys. It’s an exclusive! I am working on a new song now though that straddles the fence between Southern Soul and Beach Music.  This one will be Miss Mini and Pressure Point. I’m gonna have to figure out just how this album is gonna go. Do I split it with half Miss Mini and half MMPP or do I just do two separate albums??? Decisions, decisions,

Gig updates… MMPP will be at Central Park Tavern 704 Rigsbee Ave. in Durham NC on January, 27th.  Show starts @9pm. The other stuff is private so there’s no need to mention it. On the beach front, MMPP has landed a gig at Lakefest in Clarksville VA this year. This is up in lake country by Kerr Lake and Lake Gaston. I have been wanting to break into that market for a while because it is closer to where I live than Myrtle Beach. I love NMB but going there every week would probably not work for everyone in the band! That’s July 20th and the show starts @ 7:00!

I also got a text from Jim Quick this morning saying he was working on booking us for some festivals. That should be exciting. Stay tuned for that! Anyway, I gotta go get ready. I’m expecting some pretty exciting company today. The one who inspired me to go out on my own and do this thing is coming to visit me. I haven’t seen him in about seven months. I’ve missed him terribly. Today will be a good day! Thanks everyone.


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