Big Wheel Keep On Turning

Man, it’s been a year since I did this! I don’t even know if I still have readers but here we are. I think the last one I did, I said I wanted to have a new CD done by this time. Well, that did not happen. I had lofty goals then too! Check out my last post.

Let me explain… I have the songs that I need to do my new CD BUT turns out that I need to do my first CD over again. I need to do that because my now producer took my CD to one of the execs at Malaco Records and in his words “He went crazy.” He loved it. All I have to do is complete the new version and there is a good chance that I could be signed to their record label!

I totally get that. I did produce the first one myself and I am not a trained engineer. But it was exciting that they were interested. It’s been slow going though. I started redoing it around February. I’ve only had two or three studio sessions so far and I’m starting to wonder if I will ever finish. Well, no. I HAVE to finish. It could be a really big opportunity for me so I have to get this done.

If you have never heard of Malaco Records, they are home to a lot of Gospel greats but also a lot of blues and R&B greats. They had the late Tyrone Davis, Mel Waiters, Bobby “Blue” Bland, and Marvin Sease. They have David Brinston, Bobby Rush, Vick Allen and Willie Clayton. They are also the home to the late Big Cynthia, Denise LaSalle and Dorothy Moore. So, currently they do not have any female Southern Soul artists to promote.

I COULD BE HER… Now you see why I gotta finish it! This is pretty much all that’s happening right now on the Southern Soul side. I’ve got a couple of tentative bookings for the summer but nothing in stone yet. When they are firm bookings, I’ll update the Schedule so you can see them!

But, I’ve been staying relatively busy. The Tin Roof in Raleigh, NC has us on a monthly rotation. We snapped a few pics last time we were there. I like these the most.

While performing at the Tin Roof, of course the audience loved us and someone put me in touch with a promoter that books bands for the clubs in Raleigh and the surrounding area that have live music. I put together a crude little video of snippets of us performing. All of it was shot on a phone but it showed what we do pretty well. She loved it and has already started booking us! If you’ve got an extra 20 minutes, check it out.

I’m also just being introduced to a place in Portsmouth, VA called Roger Browns Restaurant and Sports Bar. We’re performing there on the May 20th. So yeah, everything is still moving along. It’s going much slower than I would like but I have to trust that everything happens when it’s supposed to.

BIG CHANGE… I have decided to do some local theater. It is stressing me the hell out and stretching me very thin BUT I’m committed to it and I think it will be a great experience. I’ve already met some great people and I’m looking forward to the show. The production is a musical based on Motown. It’s called the Motown Revue and is being put on by Vision Community Theater Group, Inc.

It is a non-profit theater group in Wilson, NC. I heard about it first through my drummer because he has agreed to be the drummer for the production. Then, I did a Karaoke night in Wilson and exchanged numbers with a lady, not knowing that she was a part of the theater group. When auditions for the play came around, she called me and asked me to come and audition. I did and the rest is history.

I’ve been assigned the lead on Heatwave by Martha and the Vandellas AND If I Were Your Woman by Gladys Knight and the Pips! I’m also doing background on seven other songs and having to learn choreography for AT LEAST 5 numbers. We rehearse 3 nights a week! It’s a beast but I’ll make it!

The show is Saturday, June 25th at the Edna Boykin Cultural Center in Wilson, NC at 7:00pm.

Therefore, between work, my band, the theater and my family, I have ZERO time for me! That’s OK though. I am best when I’m busy. No time for the anxiety monster to creep in and he needs to be kept at bay! I won’t take up any more of your time today. AND I need to go over some things for Motown rehearsal tonight. Bye y’all!

Published by Miss Mini

Catrese Green (West) a.k.a "Miss Mini" was born in Rocky Mount, NC and grew up in the small town of Sharpsburg, 5 miles further south. She got her pseudonym from her grandmother who nicknamed her “Minnesota Fats” because she was a chubby baby. The nickname was shortened to Mini and has stuck with her over the years. Mini began singing with her father, in a Top 40 band called “Electric Image” in 1990. The band traveled throughout the southern United States performing for many different types of audiences. With the band she was exposed to and performed music from the R&B, Country, Blues, Jazz Southern Soul and Beach genres. She has covered songs by Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Shania Twain, Alicia Keyes, The Supremes and various Southern Soul music and Beach music artists. After traveling with the band for more than 15 years, Mini longed to step out of her father’s shadow. She left the band and put her music on hold while she explored other career paths. In 2009, she began to reevaluate her life. This reflection led her back to her first love, music. She now has her own band that performs her original music as well as cover tunes. She has been touring throughout Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Her new album entitled “Can’t Stop Me” was released in December of 2015. The hit song “Ole School Style” as well as other singles from the album, are receiving national airplay on Beach and Southern Soul music stations. Currently, “Ole School Style” is #23 on Soul Dog’s Smokin’ Top 45 Southern Soul Hits countdown. She has performed at the Annual Blues Festival at Carter’s Lounge in Warrenton NC alongside greats such as Roy C. and Maurice Wynn. She has also done countless club engagements, the most recent being at Deckerz Bar and Grill in North Myrtle Beach, which has won the award for best show club at the Carolina Beach Music Awards for 2014 and 2015. Upcoming performances include the Raleigh Seafood Festival, the Pittsboro Roadhouse and many others. Find her on bio, pictures, video and more at and on YouTube, just type Miss Mini in the search area. You can also email or call (252) 452-1272 for bookings.

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