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I Can’t Even….

Hey ya’ll,

I have a few more updates for you so let me just dive right in. The Down Home Blues Fest was absolutely fabulous except for one thing….Walt Luv, the dude that put on the show, disappeared! He did not perform and he stiffed me completely. I got no money other than CD sales. I think the other artists, got deposits at least but didn’t get what they were owed afterward. Thing is, I was warned….But I always give people a chance. If you haven’t done it to me then you haven’t done it.

But let’s look on the bright side! There had to be over 2000 people there so I got a lot of exposure (OK musician friends…We all know that exposure is total bullshit but just let me live in the fantasy.). And I got to meet some really great people. This guy here was there.


Yep, that’s Bishop Bullwinkle. I remember sharing his video so many months ago when my sister asked me to help clean out her house. “Hell naw, to the naw naw naw” LOL. That said it all! She couldn’t even get mad because it was so funny! I still didn’t clean out that house though.

And actually, two of my guys played with Billy “Soul” Bonds because his musicians didn’t show up. Andrew Sr. and Andrew Jr. helped this dude out and they did an OUTSTANDING job. I swelled with a mama’s pride…


This just came up TODAY! I will be at Shelby Jean’s at Carolina Beach on Saturday! My friend John L. Wilson of Big Time Party Band booked the gig for me. It was last minute but since I wasn’t playing anywhere, why not?

Shelby Jeans

I just got the flyer for this…I knew about it for a couple of weeks but now that I see this, I’m really excited!

13640851_141625802931220_2447407860100584288_o (1)

It just amazes me how this music thing is coming together for me. I’m convinced now more than ever that I am meant to do this. This is my life’s purpose. When I think about it sometimes, I get so overwhelmed that I cry…I am so grateful and so humbled by the things that I have been allowed to do and see. And I look forward to all things to come. Until next time ya’ll. Your support is worth more than gold. OK, I’m misting up again so I have to go! Keep listening. Much love!


Follow the Tracks

Hey folks. I have come to a sad, sad realization….I’m going to have to put together a track show. I have always hated using music tracks on a live show because it takes away from my flexibility as an artist. You can’t tell a track to “break it down” or give the musicians solos. And when I started out, tracks weren’t even a thing. Nobody did that! All live music was actually LIVE. Every instrument had a person on stage playing it.  That is what I am used to and that is what I like. For me, tracks kind of cheat the audience out of the best experience possible.

BUT alas, I must do it. Here are my reasons…

  1.  Musicians are unpredictable and not very loyal.  When I started (I know I’m beginning to sound like an old person), NOTHING came before a gig. If you had a show, you went and did it unless someone died! On Xmas and Thanksgiving, we took our plates of food on the road and ate on the way to the gig. I remember one girl getting fired because she chose to go to an MC Hammer concert (whew I just dated myself) instead of doing a gig scheduled for that night. It was THAT serious. Now it seems if someone has a hangnail, they won’t be able to make it! That blows and I’m sick of it!
  2. I’m still kind of the new kid and cannot yet demand top dollar.  Although my popularity is continuously growing, many still have never heard of me. It’s difficult to get paid a decent wage when you are not yet a household name. That means, there is only a little bit of money to spread around. I like to pay my guys well and I just can’t every time. *LIGHT BULB* THAT’S PROBABLY WHY THEY ARE NOT SO LOYAL!! Anyway, if it’s just me and a track, that little bit is fine because there is no one to pay but me.
  3. I can gig more often with tracks.   If I have music tracks, I can take gigs in smaller venues and get even more exposure that way.  I can charge a very low price while I’m getting my name out there. I can probably gig somewhere every week with the tracks. This would be impossible with my band.

Now, I’m still going to do shows with the band. I will never totally give that up. BUT the gig has to pay enough so that I can pay my musicians. If not, I’m going with the tracks…*shrugs shoulders*

OK, my radio show is now up and running on Remember Then Radio. It airs every Wednesday at 6pm. My music is played for a whole hour! Thanks Barb and Steve. You guys are great!


I contacted a few folks in the Lake Gaston area who had venues that offer live music. I have gotten absolutely ZERO response but I am undaunted. I’m gonna bug them until somebody lets me play!  One good thing though is that my DJ friend Neal Furr (Soul Dog) hooked me up with a guy named Andy Lucy who apparently has a radio station in Emporia VA, lake country. I sent Andy my music and he has promised to play it! So, maybe when people hear it there, they will be more open to letting me come there to perform.

He’s also got a couple of more DJ friends in that area that he said he’d reach out to for me. I swear I LOVE that dude. I don’t even know what I have done to deserve so much of his support but I am surely grateful! And it’s not just him! So many folks have gone out of their way for me. Let me just shout out a few…DJ Heavy, Gary King, Scott Beasley (Deckerz Bar and Grill NMB), Robin Lancaster, Gene Coker, J Red the Nephew, VA Fonz, Terry L. Batts, Chip Sistare, Vicki Chaffin, Andrew Blackwell….I know I’m forgetting some people but my brain only works so well….Just know that I appreciate you all so much!!! I am honored and humbled that you have even taken the time to say my name much less help me along this winding road.

That’s all for now. Keep listening…Why am I about to cry?  Happy tears…


Lake Country

Hey folks! So, I had a bit of an epiphany today. I live in Rocky Mount. DUH Right? But I am realizing that I am very close to Lake Gaston….And there is a large market for live music there. Why I’m just realizing this, I don’t know but yeah…So, today I’m going to contact some folks and let them know I’m available.

So, last week I went to Downtown Live here and saw Jim Quick and Coastline. I didn’t let them know I was there. After the show, I went and said hi to the guys and Jim says “Why didn’t you tell me you were here. You could have sang Chain of Fools. It brought the house down last time” He was so right! I gotta kick this whole modesty thing. Getting on that stage with him would have given me a bit more credibility with this beach music thing. Oh well, at least I got this selfie!


I have also got managed to get a sponsor!!! YAY!!! It is Remember Then Radio


They are giving me a whole hour per week of just playing my music! It is already in daily rotation. I like to listen when I surf the net or clean the house. You should give it a try! It’s commercial free and always on! My favorite shows are Gary’s Beach Shack and Soul Dog’s Beach Boogie and Blues. Let me be ghetto for a minute…Shout out to Neal Furr and Gary King, my DJs are in the house Baby baby!  OK I’m back! They don’t JUST play beach music. They also play Doo Wop and oldies. Anyway, check them out at the link above for the schedule and give them a listen. Once my show gets produced, I will let you know what time you can tune in to hear me! That’s all for now. Thanks for listening and join the fan club!



Hello Again!

Hey, I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’m going to try to get better. Anyway, Shake on Da Lake was this past Saturday. I had a BALL but it was pretty hot outside. I got to meet the very talented Mr. Calvin Richardson.  13418958_10155460577053084_2087483777626855037_n

Not only can the man sing his a$$ off but he’s also a really nice guy.  Boy my cheeks were red! And you can probably tell I had a few drinks in me…Oh well!

Yet again, I had ladies asking me about my bass player Andrew. Ya’ll have probably never seen him but he is kinda cute. He works out and likes to show off his body at my gigs. OK, this is what he looks like.

photo (1)

I like having him on the stage with me because it kind of evens things out. The men can look at me and the women can look at him so nobody goes home mad! Crazy thing is, he’s actually a recluse and doesn’t want to date anyone….Yeah, I know it’s a shame right? But musicians are always a bit eccentric. (You can put your tongues back in now ladies!)

Anyway, I’m still going and trying to make this thing work. So, I’m going to ask for your help. If you know of any businesses that might like to sponsor me please let me know. Everywhere I go, I will be advertising their business. Their information goes on my banner, flyers, website and all of my social media. And it’s really inexpensive at only $300 per year.

I don’t have much more to say other than thanks for your support and keep listening. Oh, and join the fan club. Thx

How Did I Not Share This???

Hey, I just realized I didn’t share my song with J. Red with yall!!! I have been very slack! Anyway, I recently put it on YouTube so here is the link.

If You Need Some 1400

Please go there and listen. Let me know what you think. Right now it’s #6 on Soul Dog’s Smoking 45 Southern Soul hits countdown. Personally, I think it’s FIRE!!! Thanks and keep listening!

On to Edwards Beach

Hello everyone. I have recently added a few new folks to my mailing list. I want to say welcome and thank you for your time in reading my stuff!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, on May 14th I was in Roanoke Rapids doing a birthday party for my biggest fan and friend Mr. Buster Davis! I had a great time. And I want to thank everyone who came out. I just wish I had pictures. It would really be nice to have a photographer/videographer with me all the time. So many great moments go by and I can’t reclaim them. Can’t quite hire one just yet so…yeah.

The next gig is Shake on da Lake June, 11th 2016 with Maurice Wynn and Calvin Richardson at Edwards Beach on Lake Gaston in Henrico, NC!!!


I am sooo looking forward to this one! I know I’m supposed to be working but this will be PLAY!!! Anyone who knows me already knows I love the water. I’m tempted to take my fishing gear but that might be a little too ghetto! My country a$$ gotta act like I’ve been somewhere LOL!

The show is already being advertised very well but I’m going to do my part since I have a few weeks to prepare. I am scheduled to do Video Live on on WHIGTV with Terry Batts Wednesday June 1st @10:30pm. I will talk about the show there. In Rocky Mount NC if you have Suddenlink, you can catch the show on channel 17. If not, you can stream it at  11781781_956690394351199_8974804823674164106_n

I’m also scheduled to do an internet radio show called The Big Scoop with Coop with Michael Cooper on June 9th @7pm.  I will also talk about it there.11694118_10153268172445845_5763207141491883663_n

I’ve even hung the flyer up for the show in the store down the street from my house! This stuff probably isn’t necessary but you never know. Anyway, I won’t keep you all long today. So, thanks for being a part of my journey and keep listening! AND JOIN MY FAN CLUB!!! No, really, do it.

The Latest

Well hello again! This past Saturday I entertained some wonderful people at the G6 Social in Zebulon. My band and I had a ball!!! It was western themed so I was in my element! The food was great. The people were nice and I hope they invite me back. Here are a couple of pics. My boobs are totally hanging out but hey, I made it work!

I want to send a special thanks to Ray and Michelle Baker, Sharon Morton and Terri Anne. You guys are awesome! I also want to thank the guys in my band, Redel Williams, Andrew Blackwell and Phillip Deans. I couldn’t do any of this without you guys.

Now, it’s on the the next one this Friday at the Pittsboro Roadhouse! The guys from Bigtime Party Band run this place so I know it will be a good time! I look forward to all of my gigs and this one is no exception. When I perform, I am never working. I am always partying and I love to do that! I’m one of the luckiest people I know because I do what I love to do and get paid for it. I am actually retired already! And as this grows, I will stay grateful and humble and NEVER take it all for granted. I was born for this. I just wish my mom and dad were still here to see all of the progress I am making. They would both be sooooo proud!

OK, I don’t want to depress you or me so here is the poster for Pittsboro.13073029_10206021746054674_1821282300_o

My friend Gary King did this for the show! It really looks great. Oh, and by the way, I had to name my band! I’m not really happy with the name but I would have never been happy with any name so this is as good as any. Well, I guess that’s all for now. I can’t think of any other news to tell you so I’ll save it for next time. Again, thank you and keep listening!